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Chapter 1:  Getting Started with Embedded Systems
Chapter 2:  Minimum Systems and the PIC® 16F84A
Chapter 4:  Starting to Program – An Introduction to the Assembler
Chapter 5:  Building Assembler Programs
Chapter 6:  Working with Time: Interrupts, Counters, and Timers
Chapter 3:  Parallel Ports, Power Supply and the Clock Oscillator 
Chapter 10:  Starting with Serial
Chapter 11:  Data Acquisition and Manipulation
Chapter 8:  The human and physical interfaces
Chapter 9:  Taking Timing Further
16F84A Instruction Set
16F84A Data Sheet
16F87xA Data Sheet
7/4/2020: Project is available
23/4/2020: Homework 1, can work in groups of two students
14/5/2020: Modified Grades out of 50
14/5/2020: Data sheets for the final exam